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India Section's Goal
American Society of Civil Engineers –India Section strives to encourage and provide a stage for all its members – students, professors, researchers, practicing engineers working in the field of civil engineering either directly or indirectly, to enhance their technical and professional development. It provides;

An open forum where civil engineers are encouraged to connect to and interact with their professional peers in sharing individual experience, innovation, and exposure at a common platform to promulgate the idea of civil engineering all over India.

To support the leadership quality in the profession of civil engineering in India by promoting collective activities in the form of technical talks, national and international level seminars, conferences, field trips, panel discussions, etc.

India Section’s Intention

American Society of Civil Engineers –India Section (ASCE-IS) intends to help in the advancement of the very concept of civil engineering in the Indian context in a way that is in compliance with the “Vision 2025 of Civil Engineering” document put forward by its parent body American Society of Civil Engineers. Specifically, the purposes of this Section will be:

To work towards fulfilling the objectives and ideas of ASCE.

To provide a passage for encouraging transfer of concepts, research ideas, information, technology, logical processes, innovative concepts, between India and the United States of America by promoting the exposure of Indian professionals and students to the Civil Engineering practices in the USA.

To establish a nodal point for receipt and dissemination of state-of-the-art technological progress in diverse engineering fields and induce the concept of continuing education amongst its members to keep them up-to-date with current advancement in civil engineering.

To showcase the remarkable achievements of individual members and let the junior and senior professionals interact with them for their professional development to nurture association at a personal level.

To serve as a platform for all students and professional civil engineers across India to come closer and share their experience and expertise to promote knowledge sharing and technology transfer irrespective of the state boundaries.

To encourage all student and professional members to be active in the society’s activities, get them involved, to contribute their noteworthy achievements and to let it be known by others by preparing, discussing or publishing papers in any form, whether electronic, printed or otherwise.

To induct new eligible members into the society and motivate them to the concept and ideas of this profession.

To promote the student activities at institutional level and encourage student members to interact with civil engineering professionals in the industries for mutual benefit.